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Web Site 101 - Table of Contents
Web Site 101 - Last Updated on Dec. 10th, 1997

Web Site 101 is an introductory guide that focuses on the "How?" and "Why?" of  establishing a Web presence for small businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations or anyone contemplating using the web for commerce or adveritisng. If you have a basic question regarding Web site establishment that is not answered here then you are invited to notify us via Email. We will do our best to answer your question and then add the Q&A to this guide so that others may benefit.

  • Part I - On Establishing a Web Presence
    • I run a restaurant or a retail / service oriented shop, why should I establish a "World Wide" Web presence?
    • I oversee a large business or corporation, why should I establish a Web presence?
    • How is a Web presence similar to traditional advertising?
  • Part II - On Developing a Web Presence
    • What are my options for establishing a presence?
    • Should I attempt to design my own Web presence?
    • Should I hire a professional Web site design service?
  • Part III - Web Presence Layout
    • Should I use a specialized Web authoring tool?
    • What are some of the Web authoring tools available?
    • What things should I consider when designing my layout?
  • Part IV - Web Presence Graphics
    • Should I integrate graphics into my site?
    • What are some of the graphics design tools available?
    • Are there graphics resources available on the Web for me to use?
    • What things should I consider when designing my graphics?
  • Part V - Web Presence Content
    • Should I maintain a catalog/menu of my products/services?
    • Should I maintain a list of specials and discounts?
    • Should I provide a map or directions to my establishment?
    • Should I include information about my organization's history?
    • Should I include links from my Web site to other sites?
    • Should I allow visitors to ask questions by email?
    • What other forms of content could enhance my site?
  • Part VI - Web Presence Promotion
    • Should I actively promote my Web presence?
    • What is a Web search engine?
    • What should I do prior to submitting my site?
    • How do I submit my site to these search engines?
    • What are some of the more popular search engines?
    • What other methods could I use to promote my site?

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